Who Shops Walmart —
and Why?

New report reveals who buys automotive products at Walmart and why DIY and DIFM consumers choose to shop there

Understanding the Walmart Shopper 2012 uncovers everything you need to know about Walmart’s automotive product shoppers. This report for the aftermarket delivers a clear view of what really matters to consumers, including pricing, convenience, and the importance of brand selection. You can use it to develop fact-based marketing strategies and meet Walmart customers’ needs.

Based on detailed information from our online consumer panel, the report explores who buys automotive products at Walmart and why people choose to shop there. It includes new insight on both the do-it-yourself (DIY) and do-it-for-me (DIFM) consumer segments.

New for the 2012 edition:

  • Importance of brand availability and best price when considering a purchase
  • What other locations were considered, and which locations they would consider in the future
  • How Walmart's price, brand selection, and product quality compare to other auto parts retailers
  • Drivers for selecting Walmart for automotive aftermarket purchases, and why Walmart is not selected in some cases
  • Sources of information used in making purchase decisions and how important these sources are to the consumer
  • What motor oil brands consumers purchase, and why

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Understanding the Walmart Shopper 2012 can help your business . . .

  • Determine what is most important to Walmart consumers so you can build pricing and promotion strategies that meet their needs and encourage loyalty
  • Identify the factors that define the consideration set, and understand differences between major automotive products categories to help drive consumers to Walmart
  • Gauge perception of Walmart’s price advantage and its role in bringing automotive consumers through the door
  • See why consumers have their vehicles serviced at Walmart, so you can influence their brand decisions at the time of repair
  • Learn which information sources consumers rely on to educate themselves before making automotive purchase decisions, in order to strengthen your messages and in-store education efforts

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