Will They Watch For 13 Hours?

Understand binge-viewing and the appeal of original programming

Sure, they’re subscribing. But how much are they viewing? What types of programs do viewers want? How will they watch them? How are binge-viewing demographics changing?

In the intense and fast-moving SVOD market, you have new questions every day. Detailed, weekly information from VideoWatch® Digital answers them.

Based on data from our VideoWatch® consumer tracking service, VideoWatch Digital tracks the latest market changes and provides expert analysis. You’ll understand what’s driving growth and what all it means for your business. It’s the best source for comprehensive insight into Netflix and other leading and emerging SVOD services.

Discover how consumers subscribe, select, and watch movies and TV programs. Explore side-by-side comparisons of leading SVOD providers in terms of transactions, content and content mix, user profiles and behaviors, and service overlap. Dig into program consumption at the title level, binge-viewing behavior, detail on original programming, and audience estimates.

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Original programming, top shows, binge-viewing, more

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