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Encouraging More Visits From Millennials
Young adults have cut back significantly on restaurant visits, with the exceptions of fast casual and food retailers. Discover how to get them back to the table – see what Millennials expect from restaurant visits and how you can deliver on what matters most to them. This report will address why usage has decreased over time, what “value” means to Millennials, how Millennial households with kids differ from those without kids when it comes to restaurant visits, the role of loyalty, where “healthy” fits into their decisions, and the impact of new menu items on these consumers.

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Eating Patterns in America, 29th edition
Free insight on changes in consumption of foods labeled with health benefits
For 29 years, our Chief Industry Analyst and Vice President, Harry Balzer, has followed Americans’ eating patterns. And each year, he and a team here at The NPD Group have compiled our Annual Report on Eating Patterns in America. This year’s report marks the 29th edition of this much relied-upon resource. It includes a special focus on the ways consumers’ desire for convenience is playing out in today’s economic environment. More than 90 percent of the nation’s top food and beverage manufacturers and restaurant operators look to Eating Patterns in America to understand not just what consumers say they are doing when it comes to food consumption, but what they really do. You can, too!
Released: September 2014
$45,000 for 2014 (29th edition)
$30,000 per year for 2014 (29th), 2015 (30th), and 2016 (31th)

Loyalty: Keeping and Attracting Repeat Buyers
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In the highly-competitive restaurant marketplace, manufacturers and operators are constantly on the lookout for menu items and restaurant features that will keep customers coming back. Loyalty is a buzzword, and loyalty programs abound. But in the big picture, what really keeps customers coming back for more? The report explores the big questions about loyalty and is based on insights from our CREST® consumer tracking service, plus new detail straight from consumers who completed a custom online survey about restaurant loyalty. Operators can use it to ensure they offer the services and menu items that keep customers coming back for more. Manufacturers will discover how to help their accounts succeed in today’s highly competitive market.
Released: August 2014

The Parties with Kids Report: Motivating More Visits
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Kids have a strong influence on restaurant selection when families dine out. And family visits have been declining significantly over time. How can you appeal to kids’ tastes and bring those parties with kids back to the table? This report shows you how to break through the barriers that keep families away from your restaurant or the restaurants you supply. It’s built on new research from an online survey of parents with kids ages 2 to 12, supplemented by our CREST consumer information. Discover what kids and parents want. Then win back their business.
Released: May 2014

Understanding the Gluten-Free Trend
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Over the past few years, consumers have shown increased interest in following a gluten-free diet. What drives someone to follow a gluten-free diet, and how long will the gluten-free focus last? What’s the best way to gauge consumers’ interest in purchasing gluten-free in the future? This report answers these questions. Now companies can explore U.S. consumers’ awareness and understanding of gluten and the importance of gluten-free products in their diets. Based on a study of adult members of NPD’s online consumer panel, the report is designed to help food and beverage manufacturers avoid making assumptions about gluten-free consumers. It also helps foodservice operators and their suppliers put gluten-free diets in perspective to better understand whether gluten-free menu items fit their audiences.
Released: April 2014

Protein Perceptions and Needs
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Two out of three U.S. consumers agree it’s important to get the daily recommended amount of protein in their diets, and many are looking beyond the usual sources to get it. This report uncovers attitudes about protein and segments consumers based on these attitudes. It also explores perceptions about protein and provides consumer feedback about protein-enriched products. It’s based on an online consumer survey aimed at primary grocery shoppers age 18 and older. Manufacturers can use it to understand the buzz about protein, engage with consumers who seek more protein, and focus their product development efforts. Foodservice operators can use it to understand appropriate proteins to menu that work with visitors with similar tastes as the consumers represented in this report.
Released: February 2014

Gauging GMO Awareness and Impact
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Consumer awareness of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in foods and beverages is on the rise, and it’s affecting shopping and consumption behaviors. With a growing number of U.S. consumers showing concern about GMOs, it’s critical to gauge potential risks to your business. This report is a resource for deep insight into this important topic. It reveals new perspectives on consumers’ understanding of GMOs in foods and beverages and related effects on shopping and consumption behaviors. The report is based on information from a custom online study. Foodservice operators and suppliers can use it to understand the importance consumers place on non-GMO foods for help in making appropriate menu decisions.
Released: December 2013

Menu Item Trial: Motivating First-Time and Repeat Orders
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Discover what motivates consumers to order menu items for the first time and make repeat purchases of the same items. This new report uncovers what motivates first-time orders and the product attributes and ingredients that motivate customers to purchase these menu items again in the future. Operators and suppliers can use this information to attract those first-time orders and drive repeat purchases, whether they’re in the QSR, FSR, retail, or fast casual market segment.
Released: November 2013

The Retail Prepared Foods Market: Assessing the Competition
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This report utilizes several data sources to explain the increasingly disruptive role of grocery/drug stores, discount stores, price clubs, and other retail stores in meeting consumers’ foodservice needs. Find out what needs are being met by retailers selling prepared food at lunch and supper, so you can compete against the growing trend of on-the-go dining. Explore the restaurant visits and at-home meals your customers are replacing, so you can make informed business decisions. See the differences in how various consumer segments rely on retail establishments for prepared food, in order to accurately target menu offerings, advertising, and promotions.
Released: September 2013

Healthy at Foodservice – Consumer Expectations in Perspective
With this report, you'll discover how foodservice consumers define healthy eating and what motivates them to make healthy choices. It reveals key order drivers, phrases associated with healthy eating, and how to target healthy-eating consumers. With the building blocks provided in this report, you can develop marketing and product strategies geared to growing your share of this lucrative market. Also available: a premium version of this report, featuring additional detail on healthy descriptors by menu item.
Released: July 2013 

Share of Stomach
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See who is gaining share of stomach with your products – covering both in-home consumption and foodservice. Created at the request of our foodservice and food and beverage industry clients, this report is a guide for looking at in-home and foodservice consumption behaviors together. It combines information from our CREST and National Eating Trends® (NET®) tracking services to give you the insights you need, all in one place.
Released: May 2013 
Price estimate: $7,500 - $15,000

Defining Value Today
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This report answers your questions about how consumers' perceptions have changed, what "value" means in today's foodservice environment, and how to continue to drive profitability. 
Released: February 2013

Other Special Offerings

Syndicated Short-Term Forecasts
Our new short-term forecasts are forward-looking analyses designed to predict short-term restaurant industry performance. Using historical CREST purchase information and our Analytic Solutions forecasting capabilities to look into the future, these reports will help you understand how shifts in consumer behavior trends will affect the industry over the next two years. Forecasts are available for 21 specific meal occasions and food/beverage items. You choose the combination that works for your business.
Released: July 2013 

A Look into the Future of Foodservice
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The latest edition of this report reveals how consumers' restaurant visit behavior will evolve over the next decade. Use it to formulate forward-thinking business strategies and take advantage of every opportunity. 
Released: March 2013 

CREST for the Hispanic Market Report
Now with trended data! Get to know the U.S. Hispanic market, so you can develop winning marketing and product development strategies. Benefit from insights straight from Hispanic consumers living in the U.S. – both English- and Spanish-language oriented. Equip your company to meet the needs of Hispanic consumers at every level of acculturation. 
Released: October 2013 
$50,000 per year for the two syndicated reports
$70,000 per year for the two reports, including a client-specific deep dive 

Global CREST Executive Topline
This quarterly CREST report highlights trends in consumers' use of foodservice in 10 countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States. The data is reported on calendar quarters.
$15,000 per year

CREST OnSite Topline Report
Gain a deeper understanding of performance trends of consumer dining experiences in non-commercial channels, to better understand how to focus your efforts in the following segments: business and industry, secondary school, college and university, recreation, lodging, hospital, vending, senior care, and military. Find out which non-commercial channels are growing and which ones are declining. Uncover the occasions that are driving change in food and beverage product performance. 

QSR Market Monitor: Heavy/Light Analysis
Operators use this resource to understand the sources of traffic change. On a trended basis, examine the purchase dynamics of your customer, and evaluate shifts in visits based on frequency and how performance compares to your competitive set. Plus, understand which customers have defected and where they are purchasing now, so you can develop solid promotional strategies and define target user groups.
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Cross Purchasing
The QSR Market Monitor provides helps operators understand which chains are their most direct competitors, where customers go when not dining with you, which customers (demographics) are most likely to cross-purchase, and what elements of the marketing mix drive cross-shopping. 
Price estimate: $12,000-15,000

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