Recipes are Cooking Report

Understand the behaviors influencing recipe usage at home

As many U.S. consumers return to their home kitchens and cut back on restaurant visits in a time of persistent economic uncertainty, there has been an uptick in recipe usage. Consumers are seeking creative ways to stretch their dollars while still making appealing, tasty meals for their families. For food and beverage marketers, this increase in recipe usage could be one bright spot in a challenging environment. It may be contributing to some of the fastest-growing food trends we’re tracking, including ethnic cuisine, healthier eating, and even social media/mobile usage in the kitchen.

The new Recipes are Cooking Report explores the ways U.S. consumers search for and use recipes for preparing meals, desserts, and side dishes for their families. Based on data from multiple NPD sources, the report uncovers recipe habits and practices, the role of social media and technology in recipe usage, and which attitudes and behaviors are most motivating to recipe usage.

Why the Recipes are Cooking Report ?

  • Target recipe development more effectively by understanding heavy recipe-using households and the meal occasions, dishes, and motivations that drive recipe usage
  • Identify growth strategies with insight about when and why Americans follow recipes and what outlets are your best bets for presenting recipes
  • Strengthen your marketing based on a clear view of the relationship between recipe usage and shopping habits, including grocery list preparation and changes in dollars spent at the grocer

What’s Inside?

  • Recipe habits and practices – Who’s using recipes at home? How frequently? Which generations are more likely to use recipes? What motivates selection of certain recipes?
  • Recipe sourcing – How important have social media and mobile devices become when it comes to menu-planning? How valuable are online sources in the search for recipes, and who is most likely to search for a recipe online?
  • Recipe dish selection – Which homemade meals are most likely to be prepared by following a recipe? Do motivations for recipe-based meal selections differ based on convenience, health and nutrition, or value?
  • Cooking and shopping – Are recipe users better cooks than typical homemakers? Are home cooks more satisfied with the meals they prepare using recipes? Has recipe usage contributed to more frequent at-home meal consumption or increased spending at grocery stores?

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