Get an in-depth look at gamer attitudes, behavior, usage, and purchases.

The new Gamer Segmentation Report – now revised for 2011 – groups U.S. gaming consumers into segments based on attitudes, behavior, usage, and purchase patterns. It helps you understand important facets of gaming by these key consumer types, with an emphasis on cross-segment behavior.

Put the latest market analysis to work for your business.
  • Understand how various types of consumers use devices and acquire games content to inform strategic decisions 
  • Support the development and execution of marketing strategies with detailed information about the key consumer segments and how they relate to gaming platforms, genres, and retailers
  • Examine acquisition/purchase behavior across consumer segments to identify digital buyers and support retailing decisions
  • Get a better understanding of the various types of gamers and their attitudes toward gaming, so you can execute an effective and targeted marketing message

This year’s report provides an in-depth understanding of the following gamer segments:
Avid PC, Core, Digital, Family & Kid, Light PC, and Mobile.

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