Uncover your best opportunities among consumers ages 18 to 29.

Despite spending more than $73 billion on foodservice meals and snacks last year, young-adult consumers ages 18 to 29, or “Millennials,” were hit especially hard by the U.S. economic downturn. At a time when careful spending is the name of the game, it’s critical for you to find effective ways to communicate with this important consumer segment.

The Reaching The Millennial Generation Report delivers new information and analysis from consumers and our team of foodservice analysts. You’ll get a clear view of what motivates and satisfies Millennials when it comes to foodservice meals and snacks.

You can use it to . . .
  • Understand what distinguishes Millennials from other generational groups, so you can target them directly with appropriate messaging
  • Learn how they spend their time, the places they frequent, typical weekday activities, TV/movie viewing habits, the music they listen to, books/magazines they read, and where they get their news
  • Discover what would entice them to visit restaurants more often, so you can adjust your programs going forward

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