With the right messaging and dining experience, you can get Baby Boomers and seniors to visit more often.

Older customers are returning to restaurants — and some are even visiting more than they did before 2010! Now find out how you can attract and retain their business. Boomers and Beyond: Targeting Customers Driving Restaurant Demand, our new report, combines CREST® data with information from a special study of seniors. It reveals what seniors expect from restaurant visits, the menu items they prefer, and what you can do to attract and retain their business.

Beyond Free Coffee for Seniors

Older customers are a bright spot in an otherwise still-struggling restaurant industry. Winning their visits could take more than the traditional promotions geared to seniors. Find out how to deliver the experience they’re looking for!

The report equips you to . . .

  • Quantify older consumers’ value to your competitive set in order to justify media, menu, and promotional efforts that target them
  • Identify what motivates their restaurant visits, so you can address those factors in your communications and “speak their language”
  • Determine whether older consumers are primarily restaurant loyalists or if they’re inclined to switch restaurants, so you know what promotions, menu offerings, and service features could draw them through your doors

Get to Know Your Older Customers

This comprehensive view of the industry’s older customers covers these topics and more:

  • Population trends, per capita visits, traffic contribution
  • Day part, day of week, time of use — comparisons between seniors and younger customers
  • Deal dependence and promotions that work
  • Food and beverages preferences, compared to younger customer segments
  • Decision considerations when choosing where to visit — ranking of features by importance
  • Perceived changes in eating habits compared to last year
  • Self-profiles: loyalists, switchers, price seekers
  • Service features that would encourage more visits

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