Customers reveal what they buy along with tablets,
e-readers, and PCs — and what they'll purchase up to six months later

Two new reports examine the entire transaction for tablets/e-readers and PCs. That means you get new information and analysis about what products and brands are purchased along with these technology products, what motivates the purchases, and even the related products consumers plan to purchase six months later.

What’s in the Tablet and E-Reader Market Basket?
What’s in the PC Market Basket?

See into the complete technology transaction.

To develop new reports in our What’s in the Market Basket? report series, we go straight to consumers who recently purchased some of the market’s hottest technology products.

You’ll get the detail you need to . . .

  • Understand the total transaction so you can lift overall transaction margins and capitalize on point-of-sale and aftermarket spending
  • Identify potential marketing partners, soft bundles, and floor assortments that can ensure your products are being positioned in ways that appeal to consumers
  • Examine how your brand or store stacks up to the competition so you can make improvements where needed
  • Uncover which purchases may be lost to other retailers, in order to devise new strategies to build loyalty and get previous customers back

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