Are You Listening To Audio Consumers?

With the boom in streaming audio and greater proliferation of mobile devices, consumers' audio device usage and listening habits are evolving rapidly. Now get ahead of the curve.

The new Audio Consumption: Devices and Behaviors report provides details about the latest shifts in audio consumption habits and consumers’ priorities when it comes to speakers, streaming audio, docking stations, and more. It also reveals the features consumers want in the listening accessories they have now — and the ones they want in the future.

You can use its information and analysis as input for critical decisions related to product development, consumer education, and cross-product communication.

Report Fact:
Consumers appear to be shifting to wireless devices. Thirty-five percent of wireless speaker owners and 30 percent of wireless headphones owners reported using their devices more this year compared to last year. Docking speaker and wired headphones owners were the most likely to report using their devices less.

Hear what audio consumers are saying

  • Develop more effective advertising and promotional messages with new insight into consumer behavior and attitudes
  • Support innovation and product development by exploring trends in content sources, audio devices, and audio accessories
  • Understand what drives consumers’ adoption of specific listening accessories so you can  better position your products to end users
  • See how audio consumption habits have changed compared to last year in order to anticipate trends in the audio device and music services marketplace

What’s Inside?

  • Devices consumers use to listen to audio
  • Content sources accessed on each audio device, such as digital files, CDs, radio, and streaming
  • Year-over-year changes in audio consumption habits
  • Headphones, speakers, and other accessories consumers use to connect audio devices
  • Purchase drivers for audio devices and accessories

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