It's the leading digital retailer and media player application – and until now, detailed data on who's using it has been hard to come by

Tens of millions of consumers use iTunes, but how intimately do you know them, how they use it, and what keeps them loyal?

There's room for improvement in terms of conversion. Nearly half of iTunes' users most recent visit ended without a purchase

Based on a survey of more than 3,800 iTunes customers, the new iTunes Users Report delivers the information you need to make informed business decisions – whether you're positioning yourself on the iTunes platform or learning whether what works for iTunes also could work for your business. It can even help you gauge iTunes users' interest in various types of service concepts

The only source for detailed perspectives straight from iTunes users. What questions can this report answer for your business?

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July 14, 2010
Between seven and eight million people would have "strong interest" in paying for subscription - and cloud-based music services on the iTunes platform

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