Since the pandemic began, an increasing number of consumers are opting to take care of duties around their home that they would have typically hired someone else to do.  These responsibilities include home maintenance/repair, landscaping/maintenance, and home upgrades/remodeling. This increase in DIY activity is also driving an increase in activity at home improvement stores, and may continue to do so through the holiday season.

Consumers, now spending more time at home, are looking for ways to make their spaces more livable.  From a fresh coat of paint or a new backsplash to potted plants and raised beds, we were interested in making our living spaces a refuge. The popularity of do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement projects in the U.S. during the pandemic is a trend that will continue with more than 40% of consumers indicating having post-pandemic DIY home improvement plans, and this bodes well for the home improvement industry heading into the holiday season. 

The consumer’s newly expanded interest in DIY projects builds opportunity for both home improvement-related holiday gifts and self-spending during the season. With our friends and family spending more time on projects, and even expanding their planned project lists, they’re likely be interested in some new tools to help them complete those projects. And, as we look for ways to stay social while moving back indoors, home improvements may include projects to create cold-weather-friendly outdoor spaces to safely entertain family and friends during the holiday season.

According to NPD’s Checkout information, home improvement stores are the second fastest growing retail channel in terms of the number of purchases being made, with both in-store and online sales growing. Although some consumers were wary of venturing back to any public places as restrictions were lifted, some stated that they would actually visit home improvement stores more often than prior to the start of the pandemic once government officials began to lift COVID-19 restrictions in their area. 

Given the continued emphasis on DIY home improvement projects, I anticipate home improvement stores will continue to see consumer traffic both online and in stores through the holiday season, fulfilling multiple needs of the season, including some of those last minute stocking stuffer gifts for the DIYer in the consumer’s life.

Source: The NPD Group / Checkout