The holiday season is always an important one for the home industry, but the increased time we are spending at home is going to yield particularly happy results this year.

NPD’s Future of Home report reveals a prediction of 16% growth in small appliance sales, and 13% growth in non-electric housewares for the 2020 holiday season. This growth is going to be driven by three basic elements, all connected to the ‘now normal’ we are living in.

Everything is being done at home. More time spent working and learning at home means more meals being eaten at home, and more of a need to create a clean and comfortable environment in the home. The top growth drivers supporting these needs for ourselves and as gifts for others this holiday will be:

  • Breakfast related: single-serve coffee makers, espresso makers, and smoothie makers
  • Lunch helpers: toaster ovens
  • Dinner producers: air fryers, electric grills, cookware, food storage
  • Snack support: non-metal bakeware, sifters, cooling racks, kitchen scales
  • Beverage alternatives: home soda machines
  • Cleaning aids: robotic and stick vacuums, bare floor cleaners
  • Workspace comfort creators: air purifiers, small heaters

Finding creative ways to connect. In a season that is all about gathering together, consumers will be looking for ways to solve the conundrum created by the pandemic:

  • Virtual happy hours, and home-crafted cocktails
  • Baking with the kids, and experimenting with cooking
  • Having guests over in the backyard, or even the garage

Giving practicality that is still enticing.
Consumers have a new set of needs in today’s environment, which opens the doors to a different set of gift options. But, a gift that is purely practical isn’t as much fun to give or receive. It’s the added personal appeal, or splurge that takes it to the next level.

  • No more regular coffee shop visits can be eased by an automated cappuccino or coffee maker
  • Keeping up appearances with home hair clippers, facial trimmers, and other items that help with our self-grooming
  • Finding a little more comfort, and stress relief with massaging appliances
  • One for you, and one for me. We’re in this together, so a purchase to solve a problem with some enjoyment has the opportunity to come in pairs.

Just as the earlier part of the year yielded positive results for the home industry, the holiday season should do the same. The variable lies in how well retailers and manufacturers capture the key needs and desires of consumers in their promotions, and the agility by which tactics are adjusted to meet the ever-changing consumer needs during these times. That will be the difference between a good holiday season and a great one for our industry.