Like most of us, I’m in the midst of searching for the perfect holiday gifts for my loved ones. At some point in the season, I will ultimately find myself shopping the fragrance department and finding a gift that is not only personal and heartfelt, but also uplifting, luxurious, and memorable. I’m not alone with my perspective; according to NPD’s 2020 Fragrance Consumer Report, one-quarter of consumers who purchased fragrance within the last year did so during the holiday season, driven by the fact that fragrance makes such a great gift.* It’s no wonder that over 35% of fragrance sales for the whole year happen during the holidays.**

The holiday season brings with it a new, festive assortment of fragrance gift sets. Most sets come with a perfume or cologne bundled with some variety of ancillary products such as lotion, aftershave, or a combination of them all – most often at a value. This year, fragrance sets are certain to bring cheer, as fragrance sales typically shift in favor of sets in November and December.

Throughout 2020, sales of higher fragrance concentrations such as eau de parfums and parfums have been a bright spot in the category, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down during the holiday season. These concentrations, which contain more perfume oils and less alcohol, offer a scent that is longer lasting and less likely to wear off throughout the day.

Scented home products have been flying off shelves throughout the year, driven by consumers’ prioritization of self-care and wellness, and more time being spent at home. Searching for comfort and retreat, many consumers have turned to products such as scented candles. In fact, 51% of fragrance users have used scented candles in their home within the last 12 months. *

Fragrance has a unique ability to evoke memories that transport us to a specific time or place, no matter how distant. I will always remember opening a floral woody musk perfume from my grandmother on Christmas Day. It was over 20 years ago, but I will forever associate this scent with her and the memories of the holiday spent with family. I’m a believer that the best part of the holidays is giving to others and creating memories. Whether in the form of a fragrance set, perfume/cologne, or a home scent, I personally look forward to giving these perfect presents and creating memories for the special people on my list.

*Source: The NPD Group/ Fragrance Consumer Study 2020 (Among Fragrance
Users Age 13+)
**Source: The NPD Group/ U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Measured Market,
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