On Father’s Day this year, I couldn’t help but feel a renewed appreciation for spending quality time with my extended family after being separated from them last year. As the risks surrounding COVID-19 continue to be mitigated, we’re once again embracing vacations, experiences, dining out, and gathering with family.  

Aside from being together, Father’s Day is also a time for giving a gift as a token of appreciation. When surveyed by NPD earlier in June, 62% of consumers reported they intended to purchase a gift for the occasion. Fragrance still proves itself to be a timeless gifting choice, with 17% of consumers planning to purchase fragrance products — notably surpassing men’s grooming and skincare categories.  

Consumers have also turned to fragrance more than they have in years past. This year marked a clear positive shift for the fragrance industry, but for Father’s Day, performance soared to new levels. During the two weeks leading up to Father’s Day, men’s fragrance sales increased 68% compared to 2020, and rose 44% compared to 2019. To put these figures further into context, this acceleration exceeded the unprecedented growth rates we recently observed for Mother’s Day. Products that outpaced the market continued to include high-concentration juices, larger sizes, and artisanal and European designer brands.  

The strong performance of Father’s Day fragrance sales aligns with predictions we made earlier in the year. It points towards continued success in the category through rest of the year, and particularly for the Holiday 2021 season, which is the next major gifting period for fragrance. Like Father’s Day, consumers will be reunited with loved ones to celebrate the holidays, sparking a greater appreciation and excitement to gather and exchange gifts. Fragrance, with its status as a favored gift to give and to receive, is well-positioned for continued growth.