We’re nearly two years into the pandemic, and consumers are tired of it and the ups and downs that have come with it. This pandemic fatigue has caused consumers to crave something new. They want to be dazzled. In 2022 consumers will continue their home-centric lifestyle and look for new ways to prepare their foods, clean, purify, and improve their homes, entertain their guests, and groom themselves. This year, the home and home improvement industries have a significant opportunity to deliver to their customers the “new” they want in their daily lives with a bit of spark.

The areas of opportunity this year for new products and marketing innovation in the home and home improvement industries include:

Convenience: Although still home-bodies, consumers will be out of their homes more this year as they return to workplaces, kids’ activities, sports, and experiences. They’ll have a greater need for convenience and are looking for products that save them time and energy, like products that help save a step in cooking and meal prep, personal care, or cleaning their homes.

Health and safety: Since we’re still amid a pandemic, health and safety will remain top-of-mind with consumers in 2022. Whether they’re at home, their workplace, or school, they’ll spend the money and time to ensure their environments are safe. Air purifiers, floor cleaners, and sanitizing appliances will be in demand, along with kitchen electrics and housewares that enable them to eat healthier.

Connecting and socializing: Human beings are inherently social, and consumers will find a way to gather with each other. They’ll continue to outfit their homes to accommodate and entertain guests comfortably and safely. With consumers’ interest in extending outdoor entertaining from early spring to late fall, grills and grilling accessories and other products to help prepare, cook, serve, and store appetizers, meals, desserts, and beverages in a unique and fun way will benefit. 

Return To workplaces: As consumers return to workplaces, they’ll want to solve beverage and lunch needs and look “work-ready” in terms of their appearance. These workplace needs present opportunities for food storage and other lunch solutions, portable beverageware, and styling and grooming products.  

Travel: Despite rising concern due to new COVID variants, higher vaccination rates, safety precautions by airlines and hotels, and international borders opening, give consumers the confidence to travel more. From a home industry standpoint, the increase in travel will benefit the personal care category, such as styling and grooming products and garment care like irons and steamers.

Replicating out-of-home experiences: Consumers will continue to spend most of their time at home in 2022. For this reason, they want to replicate at home the food and beverages they typically buy from foodservice and retail outlets. For example, they want to be do-it-yourself gourmet coffee baristas or chefs and need the appliances, housewares, and other accessories to accomplish their DIY goals.   

Throughout the pandemic, the home and home improvement industries have been there for consumers, and they can be there for them again in 2022 with something new.