Promotional Strategy

How effective are my promotions compared to my competition?

In the headphones category, 10% of your sales occurred in the weeks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Over 20% of the competition’s sales occurred in those weeks. Your market share declined -2.0 pts in that period.

With point-of-sale data from retailers across Canada, you’ll know how to base your promotional calendar on the largest selling weeks – and be able to benchmark performance against competition.

Sales Strategy

To what extent should I discount prices?

30% of Brand A, Brand B, and Brand C units were sold on promotion. 10% were subsidized, meaning they were sold on promotion but could have been sold at a higher price. This represents $1.6M in missed revenue.

With access to data on what’s selling at Canadian retail, you can make strategic adjustments to price and promotion decisions with less risk – and allocate investments to brands and items that will have the most impact.

Customer Acquisition

Am I losing customers in a certain category to a competitor?

Your market share of athletic footwear eroded in the last quarter. Using our Consumer Tracking Service, you can diagnose that market share losses are coming from the online channel and that your biggest competitor is gaining market share online.

Our footwear point-of-sale data (coming soon!) will let you dig into the athletic footwear market and pinpoint where market share losses are coming from – at the brand, price point, and item levels.

Adding our analysts’ support to the picture, you’ll understand how to more effectively target consumers who are buying in each category and get a clear view of channel-level competitive market dynamics.

Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service, Canada

These illustrations just scratch the surface. We know retailers have big questions about COVID-19’s impact, including recovery indicators, price sensitivity, online shopping, brand and retail survival, and repercussions of the widespread shift to working from home. We’re here to support your business. Let us help you make confident decisions that position your business for recovery and growth.

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