December 6, 2021

B2B Tech in Mexico:

Eye on Monitors and Displays

Distributor technology sales grew 15% in Mexico.

Are your sales keeping pace with the rest of the market?

Monitors are growing 4x faster than total distributor sales.

Do you know what other products are driving growth in the Mexican market?

Demand for monitors grew 65% in Q3 2021 vs. the same time last year.

Did your monitor sales outperform the market?

After declines in 2020, commercial displays are recovering, growing 61% in Q3 2021 vs. last year.

Do you know whether your categories have started to recover?

As work habits rapidly transform, how will you stay current and prepare for the opportunities ahead?

Let us help you identify hidden growth opportunities and tailor your strategies during recovery and beyond.

Jaime Negrete

Executive Director, Mexico Technology