In Partnership with ForwardKeys, New Service Provides Best-in-Class Passenger Data

York, United Kingdom, 10 April 2019 – Leading global information company The NPD
, today announced the launch of its Traveller Statistics service, giving companies the ability to better understand the who, when and where in the world’s scheduled aviation market.

Developed by NPD Travel Retail in partnership with ForwardKeys, Traveller Statistics delivers global scheduled air traffic data, allowing users to access passenger and nationality volume, and trend data across the leading airports (550 airports) at a terminal level.  Providing detailed data down to the time of day for key airports and terminals, as well as nationalities, companies have all the latest information available via The NPD Group’s online platform through interactive dashboards.

Through Traveller Statistics data, subscribers are able to make more targeted commercial decisions by focusing retailer investment through the largest and fastest growth airports and terminals to deliver the greatest return, and quickly adapting to the constantly-evolving nationality trends, enabling increased efforts in understanding and attracting the highest growth potential.

“As part of The NPD Group, our focus is on providing best-in-class data to clients, delivered through the most engaging visualisations, unlocking the insight that truly drives companies forward,” said Garry Stasiulevicuis, president, NPD Travel Retail, The NPD Group. “By partnering with ForwardKeys, we are truly utilising the best data sources available in the market, such as their exclusive access to the Chinese passenger within TravelSky. Our clients will be able to truly understand every facet of the global travellers whereabouts, leading to more informed, data-driven commercial decisions.”

About ForwardKeys

ForwardKeys processes and analyse more than 17 million flight booking transactions a day, drawing data from all of the major global air reservation systems, selected airlines and tour operators. This information is enhanced to reflect the total air market with further independent data sets, including flight search, capacity, airport statistics, airline performance indicators, global events and official government statistics, plus data science to paint a picture of who is travelling where and when. ForwardKeys’ analytics are used by travel marketers, retailers, tax-free, travel retail, hotels, destination marketing organisations (DMOs), financial institutions, tour operators, online travel agents (OTAs) and other traveller-focussed businesses worldwide to monitor and anticipate traveller arrivals from a particular origin market at a specific time.  This analysis enables parties to anticipate the impact of events, better manage their staffing levels, fine tune supply requirements, adjust and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and anticipate future market trends.