In Q4 2019, the top five smartphone brands accounted for 89% of the U.S. smartphone market, down from 91% in Q4 2018, as emerging brands are beginning to command additional share. According to NPD’s new Mobile Phone Tracking data, which uses advertising technology to capture active devices, below is a Q4 2019 ranking of the top five U.S. smartphone manufacturers based on unit share:

1. Apple

2. Samsung

3. LG

4. Motorola

5. Alcatel

“In 2019, Alcatel rose from the #6 position at the start of the year to #5 by year end, benefitting from ZTE’s struggles. Additionally, emerging brands such as Google and OnePlus worked to gain share from the top brands by appealing to consumers through relatively affordable models that match the competition in terms of device features and build quality. In 2020, we expect 5G will create opportunities for manufacturers to gain share in the market place, as more affordable mid-tier models debut to compete with more expensive flagship devices. Smartphone pricing and a lack of clear use case for 5G have been the biggest obstacles to adoption, something that we expect will change this year,” said Brad Akyuz, mobile industry analyst,
The NPD Group

The NPD Group/ Mobile Phone Tracking, U.S., Based on unit sales, Oct.-Dec. 2019