New Tool Identifies Player Engagement and Better
Determines the Long-Term Success of Video Game Titles 

Port Washington, NY, December 2, 2020 – Leading global information company, The NPD Group, today announced the launch of the company’s Player Engagement Tracker, providing real-time monitoring of player activity across gaming platforms down to granular level to see what players are doing at any time of the day.

NPD’s Player Engagement Tracker delivers more insightful analysis into consumer habits with behavior metrics, including player retention tracking, title cross-play, and average time spent by title and platform.

Other benefits and capabilities of NPD’s Player Engagement Tracker include:

  • Competitive
    Title Engagement
    Track your player-base across titles. See where players came from prior to a game’s release, and which titles they migrated to when they stop playing.
  • Track Player Activity
    Track activity down to daily active users, measuring engagement down to minutes played, allowing for analysis of users over time, as well as how their engagement changes.
  • Analyze Performance
    Utilize retention metrics to analyze performance over time. Evaluate retention relative to launch against other titles, or select a custom date to track retention of players after an event.
  • Measure Promotion Effectiveness

    Account for factors beyond dollar and unit sales to get a better perspective on how effective a promotion is. Quantify campaign effectiveness with immediate data to see uplifts from events, new content, updates, inclusion into subscription services, as well as traditional promotions like discounts.

“Business opportunities in the video games industry have never been stronger than they are today, and NPD is pleased to be able to offer the information that our clients need to capitalize on the growth trend,” said Robert Liguori, president, Games at The NPD Group. “The addition of Player Engagement Tracker to NPD’s portfolio of products and services is an important step forward in our strategy to continue meeting the information needs of our clients.”