Las Vegas, NV, January 6, 2020
– Today, The NPD Group revealed the winners of its fourth annual Consumer Electronics Industry Performance Awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Awards were given to consumer electronics brands that achieved the top increases in market share in North America1, according to NPD’s
Retail Tracking Service, and the fastest-turning brand per item in the U.S.2, according to NPD’s Store-Level
Enabled data.

This year’s awards include a focus on smartphones, with honors given to brands that achieved the fastest growth based on unit percentage increase in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico3. These awards are based on data from NPD’s new Mobile Phone Tracking service, which leverages advertising technology to track devices as they interact with the North American ad-server network. This along with NPD’s unique data assets provides insight into market sizing, attribute tracking and regional trends.

NPD Consumer Electronics Industry Performance Awards

Award Winners for Top Increase in North American
Market Share



Gaming PCsASUS
 Mesh RoutersTP-Link
 Smart Baby MonitorsNanit

Source: The NPD Group, Inc., Retail Tracking
Service, U.S., Canada, Mexico, 12 months ending Oct. 2019

Award Winners for Fastest-turning Brand Per Item

Portable Power PacksSamsung
Smart PowerWemo

Source: The NPD Group, Inc., Store-Level
Enabled Retail Tracking, U.S., 3 months ending Oct. 2019

Award Winners for Fastest-growing Smartphone Brand

U.S.Unimax Communications

The NPD Group, Inc., Mobile Phone Tracking, October 2018 vs. October 2019

“This year marked the third consecutive year of growth for the U.S. consumer technology industry, and we’re excited to celebrate a few of the companies that achieved success in this competitive landscape over the past year,” said Ian Hamilton, President, Technology Sector, The NPD Group. “Congratulations to all award winners – and best of luck in 2020.”

[1]Based on dollar market share increase across North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico)

[2]Based on weighted dollar velocity per item for brands with distribution in retailers that represent at least 10% of NPD tracked CE sales in the U.S.

[3]Based on the top unit percentage change. Minimum based off of a benchmark across countries equivalent to 50K units in the U.S.