Chicago, November 1, 2021 — Now that there are places to go and people to see, consumers are spending more money and time on their hair styling and grooming, reports The NPD Group.  From April to September 2021, when vaccinations were on the rise and warmer weather enabled more outdoor activities, sales of personal care products, like women’s hairstyling and men’s grooming products, increased by double-digits compared to the same period a year ago, according to NPD’s ongoing home industry research

Whether consumers wanted a curl in their hair or opted for a straight look, they bought the styling products to get the job done. Sales of hair styling products grew from April to September in the range of 13% to 58% compared to a year ago. Specialty stylers, like wave stylers, increased sales revenue by 58% in the period over a year ago. Curling irons had a 43% lift in sales during the period, and sales of hair setters grew by 35%. Sales of flat irons and straighteners increased by 25% in the period compared to last year, reports NPD.   

While women styled their hair, men groomed. Whether used for hair removal, shaving or trimming hair, body groomers were a popular product increasing sales by 43% from April to September compared to the same period year ago. And in the category of let no unwanted hair go untrimmed, nose/ear trimmers grew dollar sales by 26%, and pen trimmers increased sales by 13% in the period.    

“The reality is that during the height of the pandemic, our most pressing concern wasn’t how we looked,” says Joe Derochowski, NPD home industry advisor. “Now we have reasons to look good, we’re out more and seeing people more, we’re motivated. This motivation is a golden opportunity for manufacturers of personal care products to capture the consumers’ renewed interest in how they look.” 

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