Prestige make-up sales in the UK increased
+229% in two weeks when retail and outdoor dining resumed, reports The NPD

London: 13th
May 2021
:  Prestige make-up sales in the UK increased 229% in the first two weeks that retail and outdoor dining resumed post-lockdown, according to The NPD Group. The total prestige beauty market was valued at £2 billion in 2020 (in 2019 it was valued at £2.6 billion). 2020 was a year when brick and mortar stores were periodically closed, and consumers changed many of their traditional beauty routines. Prestige make-up was the most challenged sector due to the lockdowns imposed as a result of COVID-19.

As lockdowns were eased across England since 12th April and Scotland and Wales since, and Brick and Mortar retail stores could reopen, consumer spending increased. This coincided with a partial return to socialising as bars and restaurants were allowed to reopen outdoors from 12th April 2021.

In the two weeks from 11th April 2021 to 24th April 2021, prestige make-up sales in most sub-categories reported triple-digit growth, as consumers returned to some of their key make-up essentials. Foundation sales increased +253%, tinted moisturiser sales increased +267% and bronzer sales increased +173%.

The total sales of lip products increased +190% in the first two weeks following the reopening of retail. Lip gloss sales increased +185% and lip liner sales increased a massive 434% in this period. This marked a dramatic shift from 2020 when many consumers opted for a pared back, more natural look.

Make-up made for masks

Mask wearing remains a key part of the government strategy to contain the COVID-19 virus and the make-up buying habits of UK consumers continues reflects this. Eye make-up is an important part of the mask wearing ritual and in the two weeks from 11th April 2021 to 24th April 2021, sales of mascara increased 287% and sales of eyeliner and eyelashes increased +283% and +307% respectively.

Emma Fishwick, account manager, NPD UK Beauty explains: “2020 was a very challenging year for the prestige make-up sector. We are very pleased to see that consumers have not lost their love of wearing make-up and this has been demonstrated by their eagerness to embrace a more made-up look as they return to physical stores and start going out to socialise again in England, with Scotland and Wales following soon afterwards. We expect this trend to continue as restrictions are eased further over the coming weeks and months.”