Toronto, ON, March 3, 2020 – The Canadian small appliance industry grew by $486M or 23% to $2.58B in 2020, according to The NPD Group.  Sales of personal care and home environment appliances increased by 13% and 22% respectively while sales of kitchen appliances, which grew by $290 Million in 2020, were responsible for nearly 60% of the gains in the total small appliance market. Unit sales of kitchen appliances also increased, reaching over 23 million units on the year, which is especially impressive when you consider Canada has approximately 12.4 million households.

When it comes to the total small appliance market, 74 out of 89 subcategories tracked by NPD experienced growth in 2020. The top growth appliance category based on dollar growth was hand-held massagers, followed closely by air fryers, and bread makers.

“2020 was a difficult and uncertain year for Canadian consumers, and this uncertainty caused us to increasingly turn to our homes as places of refuge. As a result, Canadians invested in small appliances at record breaking levels,” said Pam Wood, home industry analyst at The NPD Group. “While vaccinations have begun in many parts of the country it has become apparent that a return to a life with reduced restrictions is still many months away. As a result, 2021 will still provide plenty of opportunities for growth.”

Kitchen appliances showed very comprehensive growth with 50 out of 53 subcategories tracked by NPD showing gains vs. 2019.  Air Fryers, single serve brewing systems, and espresso makers were among the top contributing categories in terms of incremental dollar gains, with air fryers contributing nearly $32 Million in gains, single serve brewing contributing $27 Million in gains and espresso makers contributing $18 Million in gains on the year. Stand mixers also performed well as Canadians embraced culinary creativity as a means to combat the monotony of the pandemic. Personal care appliances also performed well on the year as consumers looked for ways to replicate traditional out of home services such as grooming and haircuts. Overall, personal care appliances experienced incremental gains of $38M in 2020 and growth of 13%.   As consumers spent more time in their homes over the past year, they needed to keep those homes clean and comfortable. That need drove sales of home environment appliances this year, with incremental gains of $159M or growth of 22%.