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On Historical Performance

What have price promotions done for this brand in this category? 

20% of your unit volume was driven exclusively by promotions

How does my promotion strategy compare? 

You only promote during Holiday, whereas the competition also promotes during Back-to-School

Which products performed best at your retailer compared to the total market?

Your top item has the highest efficlency, yet it is not the most promoted

What are the larger implications across the category?

The category is becoming more promotional over time and base prices are falling

Among my competitors, who’s getting the most from price promotions? 

Your brand has the highest payback ratio of all brands

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About Future Price Changes

What would be the incremental impact of testing different promotion types or
discount levels?

A 30% price reduction on Black Friday week would drive 1,000 units of incremental volume, whereas a 10% discount would yield 150 incremental units

What is the incremental volume impact for a retailer running a promotion during different times of the year?

Could earn an extra 1,000 unit sales from promoting on Black Friday week, versus a 300-unit sales increase if the same promotion were in January

How would my volume be affected if other retailers ran a promotion at the same time?

Top competitor would take away 25% of the incremental volume from promotion if it ran the same promotion in the same week

How would a base price
increase or decrease
affect volume?

Product is not very sensitive to base price changes; can raise base price by 5%, resulting in lost unit sales but more dollar revenue overall