How To Get Your Female Customers To Buy More

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Online tech sales have grown 30 percent since 2015. Women, especially, are upping their spending on tech products online. See how their spending differs from that of men and how women’s online shopping habits are evolving — so you can better capture their online dollars.

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What percent of online shoppers bought at least 1 tech item online in 2017?

How many online tech orders did the average tech buyer place in 2017?

What percentage of online tech buyers are women?

Are men or women spending more online on tech products?

On which tech products do women outspend men online?

In which categories have women increased their share of sales?

Source: The NPD Group/Checkout E-commerce Tracking, 12ME December 2017

Brands within these categories clearly have done a good job generating sales from female consumers. What are these categories doing that you’re not? How can you appeal to women tech buyers as these categories have?
Checkout E-commerce Tracking has the answers.

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