425 Million Connected Devices –
So, What Are Consumers Doing
With Them?

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John Buffone, Director, Devices, Connected Intelligence
The NPD Group

Eddie Hold, Vice President, Connected Intelligence
The NPD Group

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John and Eddie explore findings of the two consumer studies behind our latest reports: .

The session addresses these questions:

  • Which devices and specific brands provide the greatest reach for your app and content distribution? Will you reach more consumers on an iPad, Xbox 360, Roku, Samsung TV, or Android phone?
  • What types of apps resonate for users of each screen: TV, tablet, computer, and smartphone?
  • What are the optimal target demographics for digital distribution across device platforms? For example, Netflix's greatest reach is among 18- to 34-year-old consumers using the service on their TV screens, not on computer tablets or smartphones.

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About Connected Intelligence
Connected Intelligence provides competitive intelligence and insight on the rapidly evolving consumer's connected environment. The service focuses on the three core components of the connected market: the device, the broadband access that provides the connectivity and the content that drives consumer behavior. These three pillars of the connected ecosystem are analyzed through a comprehensive review of what is available, adopted, and consumed by the customer, as well as reviewing how the market will evolve over time and what the various vendors can do to best position themselves in this evolving market. For more information: connected-intelligence.com.

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