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Capitalize on Tech’s Electronic Supply Chain 20% Growth

The volatility of today’s market research supply chain within technology categories provides new opportunity for component manufacturers that leverage fact-based sales data.

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What worked yesterday will not work today. Tactical planning in this environment and a view to the end of the market research supply chain, with near real-time data at the product and attribute levels, along with semiconductor forecasting, are more critical than ever. This is especially the case in categories like TVs, large-format commercial displays, smart displays, smart home, streaming audio, PCs, monitors, and mobile phones.

When COVID-19 spread through China, our clients selling in North America began to worry about the supply chain. Could they get the products they needed out of Asia and into North American consumers’ and businesses’ hands? As manufacturers think about shifting locations to diversify, understanding key trends on a weekly basis is essential. We can equip you with …

  • Timely and specific sales reporting data — especially at the item and attribute levels
  • Detail on consumer and B2B industry dynamics as some begin to question the value of traditional supply chain data
  • Sales information for retail and B2B channels, providing the tools to isolate growing and declining segments and analyze pricing as products move from manufacturer to end user
  • Forecasting based on actual point-of-sale data
  • Account Level Release data, which uses authorized, outlet-level sales of all products to help plan with a specific retailer
  • End-user vertical insights, with the ability to understand item-level sales and pricing in healthcare, education, government, and many other sectors

Get deep insights into the categories that matter most to your business. See the attributes for: TVs, large-format commercial displays, smart displays, smart home, streaming audio, PCs, monitors, and mobile phones.

“In a new-world where tactical decisions on production and demand need to be made, we provide real-time access to item, brand, and feature-level sales data and forecasting capabilities. It’s the input you need for production and inventory decisions and to build the right partnerships.”

Stephen Baker, Vice President, Industry Advisor, Technology & Mobile, The NPD Group

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