The Entertainment Evolution Continues

While the options for what to do for fun are expanding all the time, the number of hours in a day is not. U.S. consumers are making increasingly sophisticated decisions about how to spend their time and their dollars when it comes to entertainment. Here’s a look at some of the latest entertainment industry trends that demonstrate how important it is to understand the full entertainment ecosystem in order to drive business.

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In the last six months, consumers devoted 74 hours a week to entertainment activities.

84% of consumers report that their time spent on entertainment activities has changed YOY in at least one category.

Consumer attendance at live events declined 10%.

Reading and/or listening to audiobooks accounts for 11% of entertainment time. Reading format is heavily dictated by age.

Spending time online is the third most popular entertainment activity, behind watching TV/movies and listening to music.


An average of $928 was spent on entertainment-related purchases over the last 6 months.

20% of entertainment spending was devoted to experience-oriented activities.

1/3 of entertainment spending went to watching movies and TV shows, across an average of three media sources.

People who attend live events spent significantly more on entertainment overall — an average of $1,500 on entertainment across all activities.


Activities that demand a larger share of spend include habitual activities that require regular content purchases or subscriptions.

The majority, 86%, listened to music, podcasts, or other audio.

Gaming, especially mobile gaming, has gained popularity across demographic groups — 51% of all gamers played on one or more PC gaming or console systems.

More than half of all respondents reported playing with or collecting toys, including adults.

The insights shared here are only a small sample of the information you can apply to support effective, data-driven business strategies. No matter what area of the business you are in, the Evolution of Entertainment Study will help you make sure your business approach is always relevant to your category—and appropriate to your customers’ needs—despite the rise of new technologies and ever-shifting entertainment industry behavior.

Source: The NPD Group/The Evolution of Entertainment Study, 2019