Entertainment Trends in America

No other source tells you more about how, where, and why Americans consume entertainment

To make confident business decisions, you need to know what’s really happening in the entertainment marketplace, and that means knowing what consumers are really doing and thinking. Now you can explore the entire entertainment market – including the latest on video, music and video games. It’s how to gain a deeper understanding of the new and traditional forms of entertainment attracting attention... and attracting consumer spending, too.

Entertainment Trends in America presents a wide-angle view across entertainment categories, to give you the deepest and most comprehensive view of the many ways people interact with entertainment today. This semi-annual report series delivers a clear understanding of the many entertainment options competing for consumers’ attention.

The report focuses on attitudinal and behavioral information, to highlight key usage and purchasing patterns for entertainment content, services, and devices. You’ll get the clearest possible view of changes in consumer behavior, to support successful data-driven decisions.

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Winning Customers in Video Entertainment

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