Value Wars 2.0

In 2016, we published Value Wars: A New Twist on Combo Meal Deals, detailing a new style of combo meal that started appearing on U.S. QSR menus. Now we’re watching Value Wars 2.0, as QSR operators have renewed their focus on these promotions. In late 2017, McDonald’s announced it would launch a new value menu in early January 2018. In response, Taco Bell quickly reminded consumers of its dollar menu and 20 new additions that would follow in 2018, while Jack in the Box announced its own value menu.

You can explore the rebirth of the value menu in our new Value Wars 2.0: The Value Menu Strikes Back Report. It assesses the effectiveness of the new value menus in the first full month these offers were available to consumers.

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New Value Menus, New Insights

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