Feeding the Growing Appetite for Restaurant Apps

To increase restaurant customer visits and spending, U.S. foodservice operators are turning to online and app-based services, including third-party delivery apps. Understanding what’s happening in this space and what consumers want can help you identify points of differentiation and make more confident strategic and tactical decisions. See what we see...

The average annual growth rate in digital orders from 2013 to 2017.

Among orders sourcing to either the internet or mobile apps, 7 in 10 source back to the restaurant brand itself rather than sourcing to a third-party app or service.

At 40%, third-party apps account for more than their fair share of the 20 most-used apps.

By offering loyalty programs, newer restaurant app providers can increase their chance of gaining mobile phone real estate.

Prioritize faster delivery and partner with manufacturers to find better packaging solutions.

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Digital orders are growing Hover over app icon for more information!

Digital orders have been a source of growth in a flat-traffic environment. They’re expected to continue growing at a rapid rate.

Mobile apps are on the rise, too Hover over app icon for more information!

Nearly 6 in 10 digital orders source to mobile apps.

Restaurant vs. third-party apps Hover over app icon for more information!

Restaurant apps dominate, accounting for 12 of the 20 most-used apps.

Loyalty programs Hover over app icon for more information!

More than 1/2 of restaurant visitors participate in a restaurant loyalty program.

Delivery food temperature and retention Hover over app icon for more information!

52% said they would not use a delivery service again if their order arrived at the wrong temperature.

App-based ordering, payment, and delivery services are changing the game in foodservice. Our new report, Delivering Digital Convenience, explores exactly what’s happening and what’s ahead through 2020.

Source: The NPD Group/Delivering Digital Convenience report, 2018