A Closer Look at Japan’s General Footwear Shops

To effectively market athletic footwear to consumers in Japan, it’s important to understand where they shop, who buys, and most importantly, why. Our Consumer Tracking Service delivers comprehensive information about actual purchases made by Japanese consumers. Here is a look at what we are watching in Japan’s athletic footwear market.

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General footwear shops are the main driver of athletic footwear growth.
Athletic footwear showed +4% YOY value growth in the 12ME Oct 2018.

Top shopping channels

for athletic footwear:

E-commerce growth showed slower growth than the total market, slowing to +3%, after double-digit growth the previous year.

General footwear shop sales climbed +6%, driving overall market growth higher.

Focus on females

Adult footwear sales may be flat, but children’s sales are growing fast!

Children’s footwear sales grew +21% YOY.

In children’s footwear, e-commerce stores lost 3 points of children’s footwear market value share, though they gained +8 points a year ago. On the other hand, general footwear shops gained 4 points.

Children’s footwear takes 27% of the market share. Now the purchase method in kids’ is becoming more important.

Women made 78% of footwear purchases for kids.
Mothers are more likely than fathers to buy footwear for their children, so marketing to women is crucial.

Women prefer shopping at general footwear shops

Some women buy their own shoes and children’s shoes at the same stores. How can you capture both kinds of purchases from customers?
25% of women’s athletic footwear sales happened at general footwear shops — rising +2 points YOY.
21% of athletic footwear was sold e-commerce — falling 1 point YOY.

We’re here to support your business as you strive for data-driven growth. Our Sports practice in Japan offers a complete view of the Japanese athletic footwear and sports apparel market. Insights include consumers' acquisition habits and purchase experiences, consumer profiles, buyer demographics, and more.

Source: The NPD Group/Consumer Tracking Service, 12ME October 2018 vs. 12ME October 2017