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As a player in today’s competitive U.S. apparel market, it’s more important than ever to know what the future holds. The Future of Apparel Report gives you interactive access to an online reporting tool and a written report that features our analysts' insight for a complete perspective.

You can use the report to answer to these questions and others:

  • Which product categories are growing and where should I invest?
  • What is driving the growth? Where is the market shrinking and why?
  • Which consumers are driving product purchases and how should I talk to them?
  • Are they looking to purchase online or buy in-store?
  • What drives consumers to each channel?

Preview the insights: Category Growth Trends in Apparel  

The report’s three-year forecasts are built on several years of unparalleled point-of-sale data from our Retail Tracking Service. That data — covering 150+ categories — is augmented by deep insight on the factors that can affect sales. The end result is a comprehensive report that delivers a deep understanding of the levers you need to pull to improve business performance.

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