Critical Data at Your Fingertips

The GamePulse® market-leading database is the only service available that aligns data from a wide range of vendors to provide near-instant, cross-data analysis, segmentation, and reporting. It is a continuously updated, highly accessible web tool designed to provide immediate access to critical statistics and offer powerful tools for exploring market trends. Whatever you’re looking for, GamePulse delivers it — quickly and easily.

See why over 90% of the top video game companies around the world empower their teams with GamePulse.

Access Games Market Data — Quickly

  • Getting that critical data point isn’t helpful if it takes all day. GamePulse puts game sales, marketing, social, and consumer data at your fingertips through our web-based tool.

Benchmark Against Competitors

  • A sophisticated market needs sophisticated segmentation. EEDAR classifies hundreds of features for console, PC, and mobile games, allowing you to pinpoint and benchmark against your entire competitive landscape.

Create, Save, and Share Dashboards

  • Sometimes the ability to share an analysis is as important as the results. Easily share automatically updated analyses and dashboards with your teammates and executives.

Export It. All of It.

  • The real power of data is being able to use it flexibly. Everything in GamePulse — the data, tables, and graphs — is designed to be easily exported to meet your dynamic needs.

GamePulse provides immediate access to critical statistics and offers powerful tools for exploring market trends.

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