Speaking Gen Z’s Language

A new consumer generation is coming of age...
with $44 billion in buying power

A new generation of food and beverage consumers is coming of age. It’s crucial to know everything you can about Generation Z’s needs and mindset. Then you can target them effectively with messages that resonate — and grow your business.

Our new report, Make It Happen for Gen Z, dives deep into the attitudes and behaviors of next-generation U.S. consumers — by young kids, kids aged 6 to 12, and teens into adulthood. It also examines the eating habits of Gen Z parents and how they choose to feed their kids.

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Among the oldest members of Gen Z, we see that personal value, more than brand loyalty, drives purchase behavior. For Gen Z, it’s about what the brand can do for them to meet their needs. The report uncovers how food and beverage brands can create personal value for this generation by embodying four key attributes: authenticity, individuality, discovery, and fluidity.

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Make It Happen for Gen Z

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