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The U.S. smartphone market is shifting, and shifting quickly. The marketplace in North America is saturated, and consumers have less choice and fewer reasons to trade up. To find the most promising opportunities for your business, look to our new Mobile Phone Tracking Service. It’s the most comprehensive, accurate view of the mobile phone landscape from start to finish, layered with our analysts’ expert perspectives.

You can make it your resource for exploring device volumes, brands, attribute trends, and regional opportunities for all new phones. It’s how to understand exactly what’s happening in the fast-paced mobile phone market.

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This new service supports your data-driven growth, equipping you to . . .

  • Identify industry performance
  • Scorecard brand sales and share
  • Know the device features that drive demand
  • Identify model-level sales trends for device generation mix shifts
  • Uncover regional business opportunities for phone sales and ad-effectiveness

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