Navigating GMOs
for Success

With new labeling laws on the horizon, it’s critical to understand and address consumers’ concerns

Most consumers now say they are aware of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and many of them tell us they aren’t comfortable buying and consuming foods that include them. Our new report, Navigating GMOs for Success, gives you new information and expert insight into this consumer mindset. It’s how to get the knowledge you need to improve product positioning and deliver effective marketing messages to respond to GMO-related concerns.

While the presence of GMOs in the food supply has been rising for nearly a decade, a major new labeling law is set to take effect in 2018. Now it’s even more important to know what consumers think about GMOs so you can gauge the risks for your business and respond to potential opportunities.

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See what we’re seeing — including where consumers get their information about GMOs in food, which age groups are most concerned, and whether they care as much about GMOs when ordering in restaurants as they do when shopping for groceries.

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Navigating GMO Concerns

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