Introducing a New Suite of Insights About Consumers and Their Relationship With Scent

Scentiments from The NPD Group brings the fragrance consumer to life. Comprising two deep focus areas, Scented Mind and Fragrance Journey, Scentiments is your key to accessing unparalleled data and insights about how consumers shop for, think about, and use scented products.

Scented Mind

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Connect more effectively with U.S. consumers using new insights about who they are, how they relate to scent, and the needs that influence buying and usage.

Fragrance Journey

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Examine the end-to-end fragrance purchase process with a new view of consumers’ needs, attitudes, and choice drivers.

Interactive Access

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Tap into the Scentiments portal for interactive access to a suite of consumer insights and data-analysis tools designed for the fragrance industry. 

Curated Expertise

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Our expert team of industry analysts mines the data, adding their own expertise and industry observations to put the data in context. That means you have a new source for unmatched, reliable fragrance industry insights about the consumers who matter to your bottom line.

Customized Views

The Scentiments portal allows you to create customized views of survey data based on usage, channels, and demographics. It’s how to create personalized content that meets your specific needs, so you can make data-driven decisions with confidence. Check out the video to see how.

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