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Enhanced Service Overview (9:43)

This video provides an overview of the features found in the new NPD BookScan Enhanced UI launched in August 2022.

NPD Books Overview (28:56)

This training session provides a broad overview of the NPD Books tools in both the NPD Books interface and DecisionKey®. Comprehensive videos for each topic covered also may be found below.

NPD BookScan Overview Training

Get an introduction to our tools, such as Basic and Advanced Search, Bestsellers, Collections, and Graphing, as well as a look at our Market Overview and Report Builder functionalities.

Training Videos

Basic Search (4:56)

This video explores performing individual product searches by ISBN, Title, and Author using Basic Search in the NPD Books UI.

Title Reports (11:42)

This video provides an in-depth look at item level report views in the NPD Books interface, including Sales & Rank History, Author History, and DMA/Census reporting.

Bestseller Lists (9:27)

Learn how to access and build NPD BookScan Bestseller lists.

Collections (6:52)

Learn how to use Collections to group selected titles into a single saved report.

Graphing Titles (5:28)

This video covers multi-title graphing in the NPD Books UI.

Advanced Search (7:47)

This training explores using Advanced Search to find titles by expanded attributes such as format, BISAC, publisher, page count, and more. This feature is available to all users with Standard access and above.

Market Overview – NPD Books UI (7:48)

Learn how to use the NPD Books UI market-level reporting to understand higher-level trends in the industry.

Market Overview – Report Builder (17:20)

This video covers some of the basics of Report Builder and the market-level reporting templates found in DecisionKey.

Query (23:35)

This video covers some of the basics of Report Builder and how to use Query templates to generate reports of up to the top 10K ISBNs within your selected parameters.

Quick Tips Training Videos

Use these bite-sized training videos to review tips and tricks and make the most of our services and functionalities.

Report Builder

Additional Materials

Report Builder PRO

▶ NPD BookScan in DecisionKey Training Guide — Report Builder

This guide covers the more advanced reporting in DecisionKey Report Builder, such as market overview reports, query reports, and publisher reports.

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