What’s Behind Office Supplies Purchases?

Discover how and why consumers engage with specific office supplies retailers and products

Based on a comprehensive consumer survey of purchase dynamics, influencers, and shopping behaviors of office supplies buyers, our Office Supplies Lifestyles, Attitudes, and Behaviors (LAB) Study, explores consumers’ lifestyles and work styles to reveal new insights that can help you address their needs. Its insights can help you develop products and marketing messages that resonate with the consumers who matter most to your bottom line.

The LAB Study delves deep into consumer attitudes and behaviors to reveal why they choose particular brands and shop at specific retailers. It complements our point-of-sale (POS) office supplies data and gives you a new source for consumer information that can help you make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Office Supplies Consumers Up Close

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You can use the study’s findings to develop customer-centric products, accurately match buyers with key product categories, message to specific pain points, and learn what influences purchases — from sources of pre-purchase research to purchase influences and importance of brand.

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See What We See: Office Supplies Consumers Up Close

Complete this form to receive the infographic.