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In-the-Moment Trigger Studies

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In-the-Moment Trigger Studies from The NPD Group layer deeper insight on consumption behaviors captured in National Eating Trends® (NET®) by engaging directly with consumers “in the moment.” Your proprietary questions are asked of NET panelists who report a behavior you need to better understand. A targeted behavior could be related to a competitive brand, a particular daypart, or your own brand’s usage. Answer your brand’s most pressing questions with real, situational findings, instead of relying on consumer recall.

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You can customize your trigger study to tap into actual consumer needs, frustrations, perceptions, and more, capturing the information while it’s top of mind for consumers instead of relying on recall. Results are then integrated with NET’s rich behavioral information to yield actionable insights. In-the-Moment Trigger Studies can also be repeated periodically, allowing you to monitor behaviors as they evolve in an ever-changing marketplace.

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