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Retail Tracking Service For the Mobile Phone Market

A new way to explore mobile phone performance and trends

We’ve added mobile phones to our Retail Tracking Service. This point-of-sale (POS) solution for the mobile phone market covers a cross-section of national retailers to provide unprecedented insight into the most up-to-date market trends. Never before in our industry has there been raw, weekly, item-level tracking of mobile phone sales and performance.

With detailed data at the brand, model, series, and attribute levels — as well as a new view of brick-and-mortar vs. e-commerce movement — this rare offering provides an unsurpassed view into the mobile handset market.

Uncover Market Trends

Understand launch dynamics and shifts across brands to see how you are performing versus competitors
Get a sky-high view of product pricing and tiers to ensure your products match consumers’ spending sweet spots
Discover how your products are performing nationally and by region to better target your marketing and distribution efforts
Stay informed regarding trends in the unlocked mobile market to identify opportunities
What You’ll Have Access To

  • Unit sales and share
  • Dollar sales and share (out the door)
  • MSRP dollar sales and share
  • Velocity
  • Distribution

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