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The NPD Group’s robust database of metadata spans more than 170 million facts on more than 127,000 physical box, digital game, and digital content products. NPD combines attributes and metadata across multiple mediums to give you a clear picture of the whole industry. You can use this information to compare your game to its closest competition or a larger genre, or examine its potential impact on the entire market.

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Metadata deliverables can be customized to target your specific needs.

Here’s how industry leaders put this data to work:

#1 During the green light process

Publishers looking at developing a particular game want to evaluate how much it could make and whether it’s a worthwhile investment. They use NPD’s metadata to find comparable games (such as literary genre, multi-player) so they understand the competitive landscape and this game’s potential. The more data they can review, the better evaluation they can have in determining success and the likelihood of selling.

#2 Forecasting

Once a publisher completes the green light process and acquires a game, metadata can help the publisher estimate the game's potential success.

#3 Search and discovery

Companies use the attributes and metadata to refine their web presence, create a game description, and discover facts about the game to better position it for sales based on trends. The data also can be used to provide recommendations to purchase based on past purchasing behaviors.

Business Benefits

  • Drive strategy with in-depth coverage of leading attributes in the games industry
  • Refine the positioning and the concept of your game with a user-centered design approach
  • Uncover opportunities by running comparisons against competition and the overall market

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