Explore Our Suite of Advanced Analytics:

Concept Testing

  • Evaluate concept appeal 
  • Differentiate winning concepts
  • Measure success potential


  • Improve demand planning and shape your strategy
  • Prepare for short term (non-causal)
  • Plan for long-term trends (cohort methodology)

Key Drivers

  • Reveal what’s driving a change in performance for a category 
  • Evaluate and quantify performance drivers to uncover new opportunities for growth

Market Sizing

  • Measure the size of the prize for a foodservice category with Category Sizing
  • Evaluate sizing by channel
  • Understand the future trajectory of the category


  • Link your existing strategic segments to our consumer trackers
  • Create your own proprietary segmentation using need states, occasions, or attitudes

SupplyTrack Advanced Analytics

  • Category Sizing 
  • Purchase Dynamics
  • Source of Volume
  • Market Basket