The Best Data to Drive
Your Foodservice Business Decisions

Checkout is the gold standard
consumer receipt panel

for tracking and analyzing consumer behavior
across foodservice.

How Checkout Helps You Grow Your Business


Identify the biggest market opportunities and measure the impact of your own and competitive promotional efforts using proven longitudinal panel analytics customized for the foodservice industry (e.g., limited time offer evaluation, menu optimization, heavy/medium/light, and new/lost/retained analysis).

Category and
Menu Level Insights

Understand how changes in menu offerings affect your customers’ behavior across the industry using a common category classification hierarchy.


Leverage our system of proprietary assets including the industry-leading CREST® tracker, in combination with SalesTrack® and ReCount®.

“Our ability to understand our customers and address key business issues has been elevated by NPD’s Checkout data. We have taken our customer targeting to a new level, as we now have a deeper understanding of our customers’ behaviors with our brand and how they interact with our key competitors. With this knowledge from Checkout, we identified specific opportunity gaps within our business and developed targeted innovation to drive growth in our highly competitive business.”

Lynn Hemans
Vice President, Customer Data and Business Intelligence
Taco Bell

“NPD’s Checkout analysis was helpful to understand how our customers were using a category of products at Limited Service Restaurants and at Jack in the Box. As a result of the analysis, we identified an important area of opportunity for our teams to focus on, in order to grow visits to Jack in the Box.”

Patricia Chou
Consumer Insights Director
Jack in the Box

Why Our Panel?

There are many consumer receipt panels out there. Why choose Checkout?

Foodservice Depth

Unparalleled depth of coverage with category-level classification across all chains and menu item detail for 21+ chains.

Panel Quality

A robust static panel that is representative of in-store and online orders and adheres to the most stringent panel requirements and data treatment methodologies for more engaged panelists and higher quality information.

Industry Expertise

More than 40 years of experience tracking the foodservice industries; we complement our best-in-class Checkout data with industry acknowledged gold-standard data assets and unmatched expertise.

Checkout: The Best Data to Drive Your Business Decisions

The foodservice industry is intensely competitive; it’s a constant battle for share. Checkout gives you the information you need to grow your business.