Checkout’s Omnichannel Tracking solution offers an unprecedented view of what consumers are buying and where — across all traditional retail channels, marketplace platforms, and direct-to-consumer outlets. Based on an industry-leading methodology, Omnichannel Tracking transforms purchase details from receipts into useful market data and insights.

Checkout helps you understand the shift from bricks to clicks and emerging sources of competition

Use Omnichannel Tracking to:

Measure and Track

In addition to traditional tracking, you can gain insight into direct-to-consumer, digitally native, and private-label retailers and brands across the general merchandise landscape. Understand the shift from bricks to clicks and emerging sources of competition — insights not available anywhere else.

Effectively Identify Your Most Valuable Consumers

Identify the right segments to focus on. Paired with our Buyer Analytics solution and in-depth demographic views, you can analyze purchasing habits and loyalty among your key customer segments.

Checkout Methodology

Omnichannel Tracking data is sourced from the industry’s largest Omnipanel of 130,000 panelists, which is balanced and projected to represent the U.S. population (age 18+). Checkout’s panelists submit online and in-store receipts through a proprietary app.

Why Our Panel?


With more than 50 years in tracking sales and market share in general merchandise and foodservice industries, our researchers have developed expertise in classifying your complex product sets. We benchmark our consumer panel with sales data and methodologies widely accepted as the industry standard.


Our panel provides a total channel view for more comprehensive insights. The panel includes 130,000 consumers, capturing data from receipts on purchases made online and in-store.


NPD’s rigorous research foundation is at the heart of everything we do. We have the most stringent panel requirements, guaranteeing engaged panelists and better data. We have tailored our analytic offerings to meet the specific needs of each industry, taking the guesswork out of finding the right solution for your needs.

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