Write your company’s growth story by uncovering the who, what, when, where, and why behind consumer spending, powered by our Checkout service.

Apply your consumer segmentation to our Checkout panel data to see industry sales and market share at the category, brand, and retailer levels. Fusing your segments with robust data and insights, Checkout Buyer Analytics deliver an unprecedented look into the purchase patterns of your customer segments. You get the complete story of what your customer segments are buying, where, and more, to help you achieve data-driven growth.

Additionally, Re-Contact Surveys built on our Checkout methodology are quick and customized, revealing why your customers buy and use your products. By targeting consumers based on receipt data, we can follow up on specific product purchases. These surveys integrate behavioral, attitudinal, and usage data to help you understand the factors that led up to a consumer’s final buying decision.


  • Inspire winning branding and communications strategies customized for each of your consumer segments
  • Use data that quantifies share growth and decline and behavioral changes to gauge whether your marketing programs are resonating with target audiences and validate your programs
  • Monitor how each segment responds to your products and competitors’ products over time

Re-Contact Surveys

  • Engage directly with customers to understand why they choose to buy and use particular products and brands
  • Connect purchase behavior with attitudes and usage to help you adapt marketing strategies quickly and efficiently
  • Gain insight about specific demographics and customer segments to improve targeted marketing efforts