Checkout offers robust consumer data to track and improve your performance across all channels plus buyer analytics to help you keep current customers and win new ones. Our omnipanel of 150,000 actively engaged buyers provide us with receipt-based data from their online and in-store purchases. Checkout’s longitudinal data illuminates trends in behavior including migration to online shopping by category and consumer demographics. Buyer analytics deliver insight into your key customers, brand loyalty, brand leakage/lift, brand launches, and more.

Track Consumer Response to Promotions

Evaluate penetration, basket size, and attach rates to track your promotion strategies.

Discover Where Your Customers Shop

Understand how your buyers interact with your brand vs. competitors to direct future analytic paths.

Identify Your Key Customers

Analyze purchasing behavior and loyalty among your key customer segments to engage new customers and improve marketing efforts.


Discover what’s driving your sales growth/decline and uncover the largest opportunities to grow.

Questions We Answer

  • What is the health of my brand?
  • How can I better position against my competition?
  • How do I better manage churn?
  • How can you help me make better pricing decisions?
  • How do I optimize promotions?
  • Where do I have an opportunity to segment?
  • Is my new product on target to meet the forecast?
  • Do I need a DTC strategy?
  • How can you help me with private label?
  • How do I get my product on the shelf? 
  • How do I get invited to more retailer meetings? 
  • What categories should I focus on? 
  • How can I optimize assortment? 
  • How do I compete with private label? 
  • Should we do a line extension? 
  • How do I measure the success of a new product? 
  • Is there a white space I should enter? 


Checkout data is sourced from our proprietary app, ReceiptPal. The app captures purchases from online and in-store receipts provided by our omnipanel of 150,000 actively engaged panelists. NPD’s panel is balanced and projected to represent the U.S. population (age 18+). This industry-leading methodology provides a robust sample of transactions for a more granular look at your addressable market.

Checkout Products

Omnichannel Tracking

Buyer Analytics


Recontact Surveys

Omnichannel Tracking offers an unprecedented view of consumer purchase behaviors over time, including what consumers are buying and where — across all traditional retail channels, marketplace platforms, and direct-to-consumer outlets. Our omnipanel is the premier consumer panel for tracking industry, retailer, and brand performance across general merchandise and foodservice.

When you’re developing strategies to grow your category, defend shelf space, or increase market share, you need comprehensive insights to inform every stage of the decision-making journey. Our Buyer Analytics — which includes Buyer Essentials and Advanced Buyer Analytics — allow you to identify opportunities to reach new buyers, appeal to changing consumer tastes, and win loyalty. 

  • Buyer Essentials: Our powerful buyer-based metrics available on-demand in the Checkout Hub help you understand the consumer dynamics behind sales performance, including brand and retailer loyalty, share of wallet, penetration, purchase frequency, leakage and order composition. 
  • Advanced Buyer Analytics: Dive even deeper into your most valuable customer with our customized insights, developed and delivered by our experienced Checkout team. We provide specific answers to your most complex and strategic business questions concerning brand launch performance, purchase and trip sequencing, acquisition assessment, new/lost/retained buyers, and more.

Get the complete story of what your consumer segments are buying, where they are shopping, and more. Apply your consumer segmentation to our robust omnipanel data to see purchase patterns, industry sales, and market share at the category, brand, and retailer levels.  

Our quick and customizable Recontact Surveys enable a deeper understanding of purchase motivations through direct engagement with your targeted buyers. These surveys integrate behavioral, attitudinal, and usage data to help you understand the factors that led up to a consumer’s final buying decision.  

Checkout by the Numbers


people have downloaded and interacted with the ReceiptPal app, therefore joining the Checkout panel — with more joining every day!


qualified panelist fuel our tracking data.


active, engaged buyers report purchase behavior monthly.

Why Our Panel?

Industry’s Largest

Our panel of 150,000 panelists — the industry’s largest omnipanel for general merchandise and foodservice — provide you with a total channel view for more comprehensive insights.


Our strict panel management rules deliver a nonbiased group of consumers who are not influenced by additional surveys or other panel engagements, which guarantees engaged panelists and better data.


Our data-classification and subcategory-level granularity provides swift, detailed, and accurate coding of receipts to answer your targeted business questions.


NPD benchmarks receipt data with point-of-sale data and uses methodologies widely accepted as the industry standard to ensure the data is accurate and actionable.

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