The Best Data to Drive Your Business Decisions

Checkout is the gold standard
consumer receipt panel

for tracking and analyzing consumer behavior
across foodservice.

How Checkout Helps You Grow Your Business


Our Omnipanel is the premier consumer panel for tracking retailer and brand performance, online and in-store, across general merchandise and foodservice.


Our buyer analytics provide self-service Essentials or advanced solutions, so you can see opportunities online, in-store, or omnichannel. Dig deeper into your most valuable customer, brand loyalty, brand leakage/lift, and brand launches.

and Survey

We’ll deliver custom segmentations and attitudinal insights through competitive surveys to help answer your complex business questions and whys behind the buy.

“Our ability to understand our customers and address key business issues has been elevated by NPD’s Checkout data. We have taken our customer targeting to a new level, as we now have a deeper understanding of our customers’ behaviors with our brand and how they interact with our key competitors. With this knowledge from Checkout, we identified specific opportunity gaps within our business and developed targeted innovation to drive growth in our highly competitive business.”

Lynn Hemans
Vice President, Customer Data and Business Intelligence
Taco Bell

“NPD’s Checkout data has been instrumental in SodaStream’s effort to transition to a fact based selling organization. Utilizing NPD’s Checkout data has allowed us to better understand buyer demographics, spending behavior, channel interaction and retailer leakage. More importantly, our teams are using this information to identify opportunities and implement new programs with our retail partners. The NPD Checkout team has been a true partner in tailoring the data to our specific business needs and calling out meaningful, action-oriented insights.”

Chris D’Alessandro
Vice President of Sales
SodaStream US

“NPD’s Checkout data has been beneficial in helping both our retail partners and internal stakeholders understand and quantify the opportunities around retailer and brand share of wallet and leakage. Working with the Checkout team, we have identified opportunities and devised solutions that can help our retail partners convert customers to purchase additional categories within their stores to increase loyalty and spend with those customers.”

Jeff Lynn
Vice President, Category Management & Business Analysis
Fruit of the Loom, Inc.

“NPD’s Checkout analysis was helpful to understand how our customers were using a category of products at Limited Service Restaurants and at Jack in the Box. As a result of the analysis, we identified an important area of opportunity for our teams to focus on, in order to grow visits to Jack in the Box.”

Patricia Chou
Consumer Insights Director
Jack in the Box

Why Our Panel?

There are many consumer receipt panels out there. Why choose Checkout?


With more than 50 years in tracking sales and market share in general merchandise and foodservice industries, our researchers have developed expertise in classifying your complex product sets. We benchmark our consumer panel with sales data and methodologies widely accepted as the industry standard.


Our panel provides a total channel view for more comprehensive insights. The panel includes 150,000 actively engaged consumers, capturing data from receipts on purchases made online and in-store.


NPD’s rigorous research foundation is at the heart of everything we do. We have the most stringent panel requirements, guaranteeing engaged panelists and better data. We have tailored our analytic offerings to meet the specific needs of each industry, taking the guesswork out of finding the right solution for your needs.