CREST® is NPD’s flagship information service for the foodservice industry. It captures consumer information about commercially prepared meals and snacks, enabling you to understand where consumers eat, what they eat, and how much they spend. Armed with this information, you can stay on top of industry trends and ahead of the competition. CREST offers granular views into business segments, including dayparts, on-/off-premises, weekparts, and party composition. Use it to monitor the total foodservice industry and examine specific segments, categories, chains, and food items to address your specific business questions.

CREST is the longtime, preferred source of market information among industry leaders. Easy-to-use dashboards allow occasional users to quickly view the latest market trends. More granular and customized data-mining is also available for data analysts and related groups.

Information for:


  • Monitor industry trends to better understand your chain customers’ business
  • Benchmark your products’ success with competing products
  • Improve targeting by understanding consumer demographics
  • Support new product development and empower data-based decision-making in your organization


  • Benchmark performance relative to the competition by key visit situations and consumer segments
  • Target promotions more effectively and uncover menu and category growth opportunities
  • Better understand your core customers with demographic views
  • Evaluate your chain’s strengths and weaknesses and differentiate your brand by finding gaps in the marketplace


CREST information is collected from NPD’s online consumer panel. CREST surveys are sent daily to participants residing in the United States. The sample is geographically balanced to the U.S. Census description of the population and projected to represent behavior of the total U.S. market.